ShanXi WuTai mountain hippophae goods LTD. located at the foot of wutai mountain, a sacred place of Buddhism, is a modern enterprise integrating the r&d, processing, production and sales of a series of refined vegetable oil products.

22 years, the company to "the benefit of human health", adhere to the "advocate science, advocating beyond, people-oriented, sincere to the essence of" business philosophy, combined with different consumer groups and market demand, increasing investment in science and technology, independent research and development and huge has introduced the advanced production technology and equipment in China even all over the world 16 sets. For example: two automatic 250 type soft capsule production lines, with an annual production capacity of 6 billion, independently developed domestic advanced CO2 supercritical extraction equipment and horizontal wind crusher, etc.

All the time, strengthen the cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and colleges and universities, committed to the research and development activities, out of a road of professional and benign development of industry-university-research cooperation.

Especially was established in 2008, has more than 900 square meters of wutai mountain in ShanXi WuTai mountain hippophae goods LTD. , technology research and development, inspection center, the special research funds into more than 900 ten thousand yuan, owns the microbes were of grade clean Water 's highly effective liquid phase color spectrometer, gc instrument from shimadzu, headspace sampling gas chromatograph, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, uv spectrophotometer, fluorescence spectrophotometer, 10 per day equal to 67 sets of high precision analysis instruments, Can finish the food physical and chemical titration analysis, protein detection, viscosity, frozen force test and disintegration time limit test, determination of acidity, conductivity and 36 kinds of fatty acids, vitamin E, carotene, colorants, flavones, aflatoxin, benzene and a pyrene, solvent residues, heavy metal lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, chromium, iron, copper and other elements and 16 kinds of plasticizer and pesticide residue detection. It can also analyze the total number of microbial colonies, mold and yeast, coliform bacteria, control bacteria staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, escherichia coli and more than 100 items in seven items. Company inspection center from quantitative analysis to qualitative analysis took a new step.

The core of the company's intensive scientific and technological innovation system also includes soft capsule trial and pilot test bases, as well as production, learning and research alliances. To undertake the technology management functions within the company. The main task is to gradually establish the research of seabuckthorn and other plants and the construction of pilot and pilot bases in the industrial chain. Study on extraction and separation technology of fine and deep processing of vegetable oil and other products and agricultural products as raw materials; Study on the action mechanism of products; Quality analysis and testing, formulation of product and process standards, application of new technologies, new processes and new materials, and research and development of new products, etc. At the same time, the center also for the county, the city and the province's small and medium-sized enterprises and related scientific research institutions such as: shanxi forestry research institute and so on to provide biotechnology; New product development trial and pilot; Provide product performance testing; To provide consultation, guidance and intermediary services for product certification and standardization; Through assisting the self-construction and market operation of various testing and certification institutions, economic and social benefits have been obtained.
Up to now, the company has 19 technological innovation and r&d projects, and 9 domestic technical achievements and patented technologies. 8 patents have been applied. Actively promote the company's scientific and technological innovation. The crusher independently developed by the company was named as "horizontal wind type fine grinding machine" by xinzhou science and technology award committee, and its production technology "vegetable oil sedimentation separation and extraction technology" passed the appraisal of xinzhou science and technology bureau. It drives the company's technological progress and product structure adjustment, and provides continuous equipment and technical support for the continuous development of intensive companies.

The company has established an effective mechanism for the interests of enterprises, bases and farmers by utilizing its unique resource advantages, and formed an industrial chain of "base + farmers + companies" in the process of continuous extension, so as to form a stable purchase and sales relationship between the bases, farmers and enterprises.
The company has passed the food production license, ISO9001 and ISO22000 certification, has GMP health food clean workshop and export record certificate, etc., has obtained in line with FDA, Halal and other standards certification of wild seabuckthorn ecological park. The company has developed and produced high quality "wufeng huiguo" brand sea-buckthorn oil, sea-buckthorn seed oil, sea-buckthorn fruit oil, Perilla seed oil, flaxseed oil, pumpkin seed oil, grape seed oil, walnut oil, sweet almond oil and other nine kinds of refined plant essential oils. Sea buckthorn oil soft capsule, sea buckthorn original fruit pulp and 10 kinds of gel candy, sea buckthorn legend small tuo tea and other products.
Over the past 22 years, the company has accumulated rich experience in conducting online sales through e-commerce as the leading sales channel. I was commended and rewarded by the department of commerce of Shanxi Province. The company's products in addition to exports have been throughout the major counties and cities in China.
At the same time, we set up the wutai county e-commerce vocational training school to provide a good learning platform for people who are interested in innovation, poverty alleviation and learning new skills. So far, more than 10,000 rural e-commerce students have been trained.

At present, our company for the international association of seabuckthorn (China) seabuckthorn enterprises association director unit, council for the promotion of brand and the standardized construction in Shanxi Province, vice President of units, such as by Shanxi Province economic and information commission five departments jointly identified as "Shanxi Province technology innovation enterprise", is listed as "Shanxi Province government 513 project tracking unit", was xinzhou city identified as "agricultural standardization demonstration area in Shanxi Province", "337 municipal engineering arrangement in xinzhou city agricultural leading enterprise", "xinzhou city seabuckthorn industry technology innovation platform together experts workstation", chairman of the board of directors of the company to obtain the ministry of agriculture, "the national rural entrepreneurial innovation outstanding leader" of honor, Wufeng huiguo seabuckthorn seed oil was awarded as the famous product of Shanxi Province, and wufeng huiguo seabuckthorn seed oil was awarded as the most characteristic agricultural product, and won various "gold awards" and many other honors.

The company will be Confucian business style, integrity and professionalism, and friends at home and abroad to know each other, win-win cooperation.